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Chronic otitis media (COM) may contribute over 50% to the global burden of hearing impairment and treating the hearing loss can potentially reduce the global burden by 80%1

328 M

suffer from COM around the world1


of all adults with COM develop an associated hearing loss 1


of cases of dementia among older adults maybe caused by unaddressed hearing loss2

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Our initiative

International guidelines on treating hearing loss associated with Chronic otitis media (COM) are limited, even at the country-specific level. This leads to unequal and differing outcomes across the world. Without standard clinical guidelines, individuals with COM who may benefit from a treatment will not receive it.

The Healthy Hearing Ears Initiative aims to increase awareness surrounding COM-related hearing loss through the latest clinical evidence and to reach an agreed standard of care.

We are an international group of clinical experts in the fields of otology that forms the Healthy Hearing Ears Advisory Board & the steering committee of the Healthy Hearing Ears Initiative.


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