Healthy Hearing Ears Steering Committee Update from IFOS 2023

Professors Jaydip Ray and Thomas Lenarz both attended the IFOS 2023 ENT World Congress, which was held in Dubai between the 17th and 21st of January.

Professor Ray provided an overview of the Healthy Hearing Ears Initiative during his podium presentation. He also presented a poster highlighting multicentre study data that has been collected by Spanish clinics working in collaboration with the initiative. The Spanish study involved 14 clinics and investigated how bone conduction hearing device implantation impacted patient hearing outcomes, quality of life, and healthcare utilisation, in comparison to the current standard of care. The presented poster, plus a more comprehensive white paper, can be downloaded below.

Professor Lenarz presented a more detailed update covering the progress of the initiative to date, including our progress with the development of an online COM research platform. The poster presented by Professor Lenarz can also be downloaded below.

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about our initiative as it continues to gain momentum. Please reach out to us if you have any questions via and stay tuned for more updates. 

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