Second Healthy Hearing Ears Seminar

The second Healthy Hearing Ears seminar was held online on October 14th 2021. More than 300 individuals registered for the event and we would like to thank everybody that participated to make it a huge success. For those of you that could not attend, we are pleased to be able to provide an overview of the seminar and share the recordings with you below.

Part 1 – Guest Presentations

During the first half of the seminar, guest speakers Dr Xabier Altuna and Professor Fazil Ardiç presented the exciting multi-center investigations they are working on with clinics across Spain and Turkey, respectively. These ongoing studies are investigating health-related quality of life, healthcare utilization, and hearing outcomes in patients with chronic otitis media (COM). Using the COMOT-15, Dr Altuna highlighted that patients with COM regard their hearing loss as a significant problem. Professor Ardiç showed that patients with COM made multiple visits to their healthcare provider over a period of six months, which patients reported using the Client Service Receipt Inventory.

Part 2 – Case Discussion

In the second half of the seminar, the Advisory Board joined Dr Altuna and Professor Ardiç to discuss treatment options in six COM cases. The six cases covered a range of indications, which provided the foundation for an interesting and lively discussion regarding hearing rehabilitation.

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Advisory Board Update from EAONO 2021

Three members of the Healthy Hearing Ears Advisory Board recently presented the initiative at EAONO 2021. The conference was held online between 6-10 September and we are happy to be able to share our presentations with you.

Dr. Douglas Backous introduced the Healthy Hearing Ears Initiative and discussed how we are working to change the treatment paradigm for patients with chronic otitis media related hearing loss. In order to achieve our goal, Doug conveyed how we must facilitate evidence- based decision-making, targeted research, and systematic data collection.

Next, Professor Thomas Lenarz provided an overview of the current status of hearing rehabilitation of patients with chronic otitis media. In his presentation he highlighted current research priorities and barriers that prevent adequate hearing restoration in patients with chronic otitis media.

Professor Myrthe Hol presented new data on a recently completed registry study (currently under peer-review), where we investigated healthcare consumption in patients with chronic otitis media related hearing loss. Below, Myrthe will talk you through this very interesting study that allowed us to gain a better understanding of resource utilization and costs related to chronic otitis media.

We hope that you enjoyed learning more about our initiative as it continues to gain momentum. Please reach out to us if you have any questions via and stay tuned for the recordings from our latest seminar, held on October 14th, which we will post very soon.  

Systematic Literature Review Published

Our systematic literature review reporting long‐term hearing outcomes and complications data on adult and pediatric patients with chronic otitis media that underwent a tympanoplasty has been published in Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology.

This is the first time that experts from several continents have come together in order to create a document that reflects the status of hearing rehabilitation for individuals with COM-related hearing loss.

Data show that 14.0% of patients encountered postoperative complications and 7/10 patients had a postoperative air‐bone gap of less than 20 dB HL at long‐term follow‐up, which is considered a successful hearing outcome.

To access a free PDF of the full article, please click HERE

First Healthy Hearing Ears Seminar

The first Healthy Hearing Ears Seminar and panel discussion on the treatment outcomes of Chronic Otitis Media (COM) related hearing loss was held on October 1st 2020. We highlighted that restoring hearing in patients with COM is often overlooked when focus is placed on achieving a safe and dry ear. Good hearing is key to improving quality of life and to prevent dementia and bone conduction implants can be game changers in the treatment of COM-related hearing loss. The recording of the seminar presentations can be viewed below:

Following the presentations we engaged in a panel discussion where we discuss outcomes of various hearing interventions in patients with COM and the need for additional clinical evidence surrounding the current standard of care. The panel discussion can be viewed below.

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